Niche Planning Guide.

Niche Planning Guide

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You've just been told you need to "niche down."  But what does that mean and how do you do it?

Your niche is the blogging topic; but more than that is the collection of topics that work for your audience. 

There are many things to consider when it comes to finalizing your blogging niche.  You have to remember to think about your reader's age, concerns, issues, and goals.  Then there are the topics you will discuss and how they work together for that person. 

The Niche Planning Guide walks you through the process of pulling these important pieces of your blog together.

The 10-page Niche Guide helps you:

  • Evaluate your blog why
  • Create the perfect avatar for your site
  • Plan the topics you will write about
  • Create a blog navigation flow chart so your menus make sense

By the time you work through the planner, you'll know exactly who your reader is and the topics you need to write about on your blog.

Best of all, the workbook can be printed and filled out; but it is also an editable PDF.  That means you can type into the boxes and use a digital version rather than use paper and ink.

*Note this is a digital file that will be delivered upon purchase. There is not a physical product being mailed to you.

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