Affiliate Conversions Tracker
Affiliate Conversions Tracker
Affiliate Conversions Tracker
Affiliate Conversions Tracker

Affiliate Conversions Tracker

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Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest, most passive ways to make money.  But you can't place a link and forget it.

Nope!  You have to analyze it to see if it works or not.

But how do you do that?  What metrics do you track, and how do you know if any changes you make were effective?

The Affiliate Marketing Tracker is the tool that helps you track and analyze your links to know which work (and don't).

How does it work?

You'll enter your stats after your post has been live for a few months.  Then, you'll change your links (placement, bolding, etc.).

After a few more months pass, you'll enter your stats from that period and compare them to the original placement.

You'll repeat this a third time, updating the sheet when you check your stats. 

The magic happens when the tracking tool tells you whether the first or second layout is the most effective.  It then compares all three to let you know which placement was the most effective in conversions!!!


You may have a few questions now that you know what it does.  I get it!

How is this delivered?

Once you finalize your purchase, you'll be directed to the login screen.  From there, you'll set up your email and password, and will be inside the vault.  It is here where you will find the tracker link (which will take you to Google Sheets, where you'll make a copy).

You will always have access to a clean file copy, should you need it.

Is this a physical product?

Nope.  It is a digital file, so nothing is mailed to you.

How long do I have access?

Lifetime!  You never have to pay to get these tools again.

Stop throwing spaghetti against the wall, hoping it will stick.  Track and monitor your affiliate links to know what works best for your site.

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