Blogging Budget Template
Blogging Budget Template
Blogging Budget Template
Blogging Budget Template

Blogging Budget Template

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Blogging is more than writing content for people to read.  It is a business.  That means you need to treat it as such.

One part of running a business is setting a budget. In addition to that, you need to track your income and your expenses.  That way, come tax time you are ready.

By tracking it all year long you can also always see exactly how much you are making not only for each month but as a whole for the entire year.

The idea sounds easy enough but if you are not ready to invest in online software or programs you can track it yourself.  And, even if you do pay for something such as Quickbooks, a detailed spreadsheet can be helpful as well.


You need the Blogging Budget.


The blogging budget is the all-in-one spreadsheet that makes it easy to track your income in detail.  It also makes monitoring your monthly expenses a breeze too!

You just enter a few numbers into the sheet and it does the work for you!  Not only showing you a monthly total but also annual figures and allocation breakdowns.

When you purchase the template you will get access to a Google Sheet that includes:

  • Income Tracker
  • Affiliate Income Partner Breakdown
  • Expenses
  • Monthly Profit/Loss Statement
  • Budget Template
  • Printable Annual Statement to use for Taxes 

You don't need to know much about using spreadsheets.  Each form includes the instructions so you know exactly what to do.  Just fill out each section as indicated and let it do the math for you!

Smart bloggers do what they can to treat their blog as a business.  The Blogging Budget is the tool you need to make it simple to track -- year after year.

*Note that this is not a physical product.  Upon purchase, you will receive an email with the link for you to access the spreadsheet so you can start using it right away.