Blogging Planner (41 Pages)

Blogging Planner (41 Pages)

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As a blogger, you are being pulled in a million directions all at once. You have to be active on social media, work on sponsored posts, come up with new ideas, work on-site maintenance, handle your accounting -- and still create new content!

The key to pulling this all together is being organized. It is important to have everything you need right at your fingertips.  While you can purchase planners (and they are incredible), not all of them have the blogger in mind.

The planner was created by a blogger for bloggers!!  It helps you remember everything you need - when you need to do it.  All without losing your mind.

When you purchase the planner, you will receive:

  • Planner Cover
  • Instructions - How to use each form
  • Blog Details - Keep track of your email, login, fonts, colors and more
  • Style Guide - Fonts and colors to use on Pinterest and printables
  • Blog Stats - Track your numbers to monitor your growth
  • Password Journal - All logins in one place
  • Affiliate Partnerships  - Never forget WHERE to find that partner you like to work with by noting the network and payout details
  • Blog Post Checklist - Craft the perfect blog post, every single time and make sure you don't forget to do everything needed (like Pinterest images, SEO and more)
  • Blog Post Ideas - Note blog post ideas when you think of them (so you don't forget)
  • Newsletter Planner - Determine your newsletter topics and note the articles and affiliates need to include
  • Social Planner - Schedule your social media shares for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more
  • Month at a Glance - Blank calendar to track workflow
  • Daily Blogging to Do List - The list created FOR bloggers
  • Week at a Glance - Note important weekly tasks
  • Weekly Plan - Goals and to do list items for the week
  • Time Blocking Planner - Plan your day hour by hour
  • Goals - Put those goals in writing
  • Goals Tracker - Monitor each individual goal's progress
  • Project Planner - Break out each project into smaller tasks and easily track your progress
  • Projects List - Master list of the projects to work on all year long
  • Sponsored Post Checklist - Don't forget anything you need to do for your sponsor
  • Blogging Budget - Track the expenses and income for your blog
  • Monthly Revenue - Track your income
  • Monthly Expenses - Keep track of every penny you spend
  • Profit/Loss Summary - Quick glance of your net income monthly and yearly
  • Income Breakdown by Month - Track HOW you make money

    Unlike traditional planners, the Blog Planner can be purchased once and used again and again. It is a smart investment that you just need to make one time!  

    If there are ever updates to the planner they are sent to you - at no additional charge!

    Your planner will be sent to you for instant download immediately after purchase, so you can start using it today!  And, don't forget to join our Facebook Group where you can get blogging tips and strategies you can use to put the planner to work for you!

    *The file will be zipped so you will need to extract the printables and then you can print.