Profitable Email Plan
Profitable Email Plan
Profitable Email Plan
Profitable Email Plan

Profitable Email Plan

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You have been collecting email addresses on your site. But now, what? 

What do you say?
How do you say it?

And more the most important question of all - How do you make money from it?

The truth is that courses all show you how to set up emails but they all forget to tell much beyond that. It seems they all assume you know what you will talk about when you send that email.

The reality is that you don't. Or, if you know what to say you don't know how to sell.

That last email you sent out, sharing that product,  you love, flopped. Not because you did not offer something of value, it was the way you presented it.

You need to learn how to craft the emails that get the clicks. You need to know what to say to your subscribers.

Profitable Email Plan shows you:

  • The important parts of your email
  • Where to source the content
  • How to craft emails that clicks
  • Tricks to keep your emails out of spam
  • The method to get the clicks without being salesy

You know you need to make money off those emails. You need someone to share their secrets.

Grab the Profitable Email Plan and get 30 pages filled with helpful content and suggestions from an experienced blogger.

BONUS: You also get the Newsletter Planner (which is only found in the Blogging Business Planner and Blog Planner).  It is not offered anywhere else!

Stop stressing about email and send powerful copy to your list that will convert.