Profitable Bloggers Holiday Guide

Profitable Bloggers Holiday Guide

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Each holiday season provides an opportunity for bloggers to make money. Some are better than others - namely those that fall in the 4th quarter.

But, it is more than simply writing content that people want to read, it is about placing the proper links, knowing what to say and how to promote it all. 

I've blogged through more than ten holidays. I've seen what works and doesn't. And, I'm sharing the tips I used that made me more than $35,000 in affiliate income in both November and December alone.

Whether this is your first holiday season or you've stumbled your way through many in the past, you'll learn new ways to get more clicks and increase your income!

The Profitable Blogger's Holiday Guide covers:

  • Who can add holiday content to their blog
  • When to start working and how to get your site ready
  • Seven types of holiday posts you can write (with examples)
  • Knowing when to promote and how (with sample schedule)
  • Smart strategies for working Black Friday
  • Tricks to get more affiliate conversions
  • Post-Holiday analysis

You'll even get access to:

  • Black Friday Tracker
  • Content Analysis Form
  • Promotional Calendar (print or fill out online)

Listen, blogging is tough enough. And, you want to make sure you work smarter, not harder. 

Knowing what to do to increase your income and traffic during the holiday season simply makes sense.  Grab the book today and work with the confidence that you are ready for all the holidays will bring your way.


*Note: This is an eBook and no physical copy will be mailed to you. It will be sent to you after purchase.