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eCPM? Plugins? On page SEO? ESP?  

Blogging is a unique - albeit fun - industry complete with all sorts of terms.  The problem is understanding all of the blogging terminologies.  You can run a search to find them or even ask, but you will come across terms time and again that you just don't understand.

The Blogtionary changes that!

This is the first book of its kind that is a book by a blogger for bloggers.  Never again will you not know what people are talking about in your blogging groups!

The book covers the following:

  • General Blogging 
  • Technology 
  • SEO 
  • Email Marketing 
  • Monetization
  • Analytics

Use the book as a reference when someone asks something in a group you aren't sure about and to also join in the conversations to learn and grow!

The Blogtionary is the must-have resource book for bloggers!

*Note that this is a digital download.  It will be sent to you after purchase.  You are not allowed to redistribute or share the book in any way.

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