Funnel Creator's Toolkit
Funnel Creator's Toolkit
Funnel Creator's Toolkit
Funnel Creator's Toolkit
Funnel Creator's Toolkit
Funnel Creator's Toolkit

Funnel Creator's Toolkit

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You've been told you need a funnel, but how do you create one?

Writing a funnel is more than typing a few words and scheduling emails. You need to ensure you connect with your reader and get them to trust you, so they will buy whatever it is you have to sell.

Knowing what to say and how to say it can be challenging - especially if you've never written a funnel before.

The Funnel Creator's Toolkit provides you with everything you need to build successful email funnels every time. The toolkit includes the following:

1. Funnel Strategy Guide & Planner

The workbook covers every aspect of understanding and creating funnels.

  • Explains the top, middle, and bottom of the funnel
  • Determine the perfect way to get readers into your funnel
  • Covers free webinars, free courses, and basic email funnels
  • Place to plan and write every part of the planning process

    2. Sample Email Funnels

    No more wondering what to say in your emails.

    • See an email funnel that converts
    • Free course email funnel example
    • Use them to inspire the emails you create
    • Copy, paste, and edit to write your emails

    3. Sales Funnel Lessons

    Learn and understand every part of the funnel process

    • The parts of a successful funnel
    • When to start using funnels
    • Why everyone needs funnels in their marketing plan
    • The common mistakes you want to avoid making
    • All lessons include video and text

    4. Email Provider Funnel Setup

    Get the steps to setting up a funnel with your email provider

    • Covers both ConvertKit & Mailerlite
    • How to segment and guide subscribers through your funnel
    • Customize emails to increase conversions
    • Video and screenshots included in each lesson

      5. Funnel Analysis Checklist

      Analyze your funnels to find your holes - and plug them

      • Review every part of your funnel
      • Includes conversation rate details for better analysis
      • Explains what is needed for improved conversions rates
      • Write what to change as you analyze each item


      How is this delivered?

      Once you finalize your purchase, you'll be directed to the login screen. From there, you'll set up your email and password, and will be inside the vault. Here, you will find all the products you've purchased from me (course, books, toolkit). 

      You can log in, open the product, download any guides, and watch the videos - anytime you need to.


      Is this a physical product?

      Nope. Everything is digital, so nothing is mailed to you.


      How long do I have to access each product?

      Lifetime! You never have to pay to get these tools again.

      Stop stressing about funnels and get buy writing!!

      You can use these tools to build your funnels. They cannot be downloaded and resold, or redistributed.

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