Facebook Audit Workbook.

Facebook Audit Workbook

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It is no secret that Facebook is the #1 platform in the world. That is why bloggers need to create a page and a group to find the people looking for your content.

But, the reality is that it is more than just setting them up. You need to ensure that you do so the right way so that people can find and follow you.

And then, you need to get engagement.  Otherwise, you'll be posting, and no one will want to follow, like, or comment. That doesn't help you get the traffic and income you hope for.

The Facebook Audit Workbook guides you through the process of ensuring that your page and/or group are set up properly. 

It ensures you review the content and know if it works or not. You will find what you need to do in order to revive a group or page that is dead.

The workbook is broken down as follows:

  • Facebook Page Audit 
  • Facebook Group Audit
  • Network Creation
  • Content Analysis
  • Dead Page/Group Revival

These are the strategies I used to grow one of my pages to more than 600,000 followers and a group that had more than 32,000 members.

When Facebook works, you can increase your sales and income as you will better connect with those most interested in your products, services, or posts.


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