Blog Content Planner (67 pages)
Blog Content Planner (67 pages)
Blog Content Planner (67 pages)

Blog Content Planner (67 pages)

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You've heard the saying, "Content is king."

That's because it's true.

But, knowing what to write about all year long is challenging. When should you put together your holiday posts? What are the trends to follow?  What is it that your readers want to learn?

It's a bit overwhelming. That's why you need to put together a content plan.

A content plan is your way of planning each article all year long. That way, you know what to write about and when to write it. Sounds easy until you have to build your plan. 

The Content Planner is the system you need to plan and build your content around trends and seasonality. You'll never have to wonder what to write about when you have a list ready and waiting for you.

The system includes:

  • Cover page (perfect for your binder)
  • Instructions (so you know how to use the planner)
  • Planning Tips (to plan your content more effectively)
  • Annual Trends Calendar (a quick look at what trends all year long)
  • 5 planning pages for each month of the year
  • SEO planning worksheets (to track optimization and updates)
  • Product planning worksheets (write down your ideas)

Inside of each month's planning worksheets, you get:

  • Blog post ideas and holidays (ideas that are 6 - 8 weeks in advance, so you work ahead of trends and have perfect timing)
  • Goals and analysis sheet (monitor each month's goals and progress to determine what works and did not so you can make changes)
  • Ideas planner (the posts, holidays, and projects to consider)
  • Brainstorming worksheet (note ideas for upcoming posts, collaborations, or other ideas as they come to you)
  • Blog Post list (the final list of the posts you need to publish each month)

The planner is a downloadable PDF. But, it is also fillable!  That means you don't need to print anything at all - saving you paper and ink.

It's also not dated, so you can use it again and again (rather than having to invest in a new planner every year).

Stop stressing about content and put together a plan to keep you organized every step of the way.

*This is a download file that is delivered in pdf format. No physical item is mailed to you.