Affiliate Marketing Toolkit
Affiliate Marketing Toolkit
Affiliate Marketing Toolkit
Affiliate Marketing Toolkit
Affiliate Marketing Toolkit
Affiliate Marketing Toolkit
Affiliate Marketing Toolkit
Affiliate Marketing Toolkit
Affiliate Marketing Toolkit

Affiliate Marketing Toolkit

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There is a lot to do with affiliate marketing.  You need to find the partners and add the links.  Then, you need to monitor links to ensure it is all working the way they should.  That's easier said than done. 

And while you can take a course, you often need only one or two lessons and end up paying more than you should.  You need something that provides you with everything you need and does so at an affordable price.

The Affiliate Marketing Toolkit gives you every tool and resource you'll ever need -- without taking a course.  The kit includes instructions and also:

1.  Getting Started

This section is perfect for the new blogger (or refresh your memory on how it works)

  • Understand affiliate marketing, so you know not only what you are doing but how to do it
  • Find the perfect partners that will make your readers click with every article they read
  • How to add those links the right way

2.  Affiliate Partners by Niche

Find partners and programs in minutes rather than hours, days, or weeks

  • More than 350 programs
  • Sorted by niche with easy access to find yours
  • Simple links to instantly apply to join your partner
  • Programs that work for any niche

3.  Affiliate Partner Tracker

Never forget who you have partnered with - or where to find them.

  • Downloadable PDF you can print or complete online
  • Spreadsheet to track your partners
  • Includes the details you need to know for each program you join

4.  Affiliate Marketing Strategies Guide

Everything you need to know in a single, easy-to-read guide

  • Common Mistakes you want to avoid making
  • #1 reason why your links are not converting
  • Strategies to encourage clicks and increase conversions
  • Sample blog posts to see what you can do

5.  Legal Requirements

Ensure every post is covered legally.

  • The legal pages you must have on your site
  • The mandatory disclosure you need (copy and paste)
  • Tags to add to every link
  • A video that explains it all

6.  Blog Post Checklist

Use the checklist on every article you write

  • Don't forget any important details
  • List affiliate partners
  • Ensure you've added all necessary elements
  • Hit publish with confidence

7.  Profit Tracker

Accounting system for bloggers to track their income

  • Track income from all sources
  • Breakdown of affiliate income by partner
  • Analyzes income by source
  • Budget to monitor spending
  • Expenses tracker
  • Generates reports necessary for easy tax prep

8.  Affiliate Conversions Tracker

Analyze links to see what works -- and doesn't

  • Include multiple links for each post
  • Calculate your conversion rate
  • Includes update analysis and tracking
  • Analyze all update methods to show which placement is the most effective


How is this delivered?

Once you finalize your purchase, you'll be directed to the login screen.  From there, you'll set up your email and password and will be inside the vault.  Here, you will find all the products you've purchased from me* (course, books, toolkit). 

You can log in, open the product, download any guides, and watch the videos - anytime you need to.


Is this a physical product?

Nope.  Everything is digital, so nothing is mailed to you.


How long do I have to access each product?

Lifetime!  You never have to pay to get these tools again.

Stop trying to read multiple articles or thinking you have to pay for expensive courses.  

The Affiliate Marketing toolkit puts everything you need in one easy-to-access place.


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