Blog Dossier
Blog Dossier
Blog Dossier
Blog Dossier
Blog Dossier
Blog Dossier

Blog Dossier

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You know you should get all your blog details in writing (in case something happens to you).  But, what should you include?

If you run your site alone, would your family or friends know what to do if you could not run your website?  Would they even know how to log in?

The answer is more than likely - no. They wouldn't.

The Blog Dossier is a resource that put every aspect of running your site in writing, with the details someone will need to properly manage your site if you can't.

It includes:

1.  Instructions

Details that outline what it takes to run a blog (in simple terms) as well as your wishes as to what someone should do with your site - including checklists if they will shut it down, run it or sell it to a new owner.

    2. Blogging Wishes

    What do you want to have happen to your site?  You'll put your thought into writing.

    3.  Blog Connections

    The connections you have that share everyone you hire to work on your site, third parties involved, and the bloggers who would be able to answer questions and help your family and friends as needed.

    4.  Income & Expenses

    All the details surrounding your site's accounting, including bank accounts, attorney and CPA details, all income sources, and where to find your accounting records.

      5. Blog Details

      The nitty-gritty of your site!  Track every detail, product, and tool used to run your site - including how to log in and make updates or changes as needed. It covers:

      • Site settings
      • Logging into your blog
      • Accessing your domain and hosting
      • Email details
      • Newsletter access
      • Social Media accounts
      • Plugins and tools

      6.  Equipment

      Keep track of everything you use to run your site, from your computer to cameras and even external hard drives.

      7.  Miscellaneous

      Jot down any additional notes or details you believe are important and need to be shared.


      How is this delivered?

      There are THREE versions of the dossier available, and you can choose the one you want at checkout:

      1. Downloadable PDF.  You will get an instant download and can either print the PDF to fill it out or do so online.

      2. Spreadsheet. Once you finalize your purchase, you get access to a Google spreadsheet to add all your details and links.

      3. Hardcopy. You can get a physical copy mailed to your home and can fill it out that way.

      All three versions include a short video showing you how to use it.


      How long do I have to access each product?

      If you purchase the PDF or spreadsheet,  you get the product for life. If you opt for the physical planner and need a new copy, you will need to order it again.

      Stop worrying about the "what if's" when it comes to your site. Put everything in writing and rest easy to know that your family and friends will know what to do for you.

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