Sponsored Success

Sponsored Success

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Your blog needs content. Usually that means research to come up with content ideas.

But, did you know brands will pay you to write articles about them?  They'll even offer payments if you post about them on social.

The trick is not only knowing where to find these companies but also the legal issues and what how much you can charge! 

I make thousands every month doing sponsored posts. I've pulled back the curtain to teach you too!  You'll find all my secrets and strategies in Sponsored Success.

The course teaches you:

  • How to find sponsors willing to pay you 
  • Identify legitimate offers from fake ones
  • How to pitch to and respond to brands
  • The amount you should charge for every post you write
  • The legal requirements involved with sponsored work
  • Invoicing and Reports
  • ......and more!
You'll make back more than 2x the cost of the course from your very first post! 

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